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writer_feedback's Journal

Writer Feedback
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This community was created for the simple purpose of getting feedback on ones poetry, short stories, quotes, scripts, and any other form of writing. The rules are very simple, and will be enforced. To start out with the first rule is that any post you may make must be followed up by replying on two or more other posts in the community. If It is brought to my attention that you have not done so I will erase all of your previous posts. Obviously if you want feedback on your work you must also contribute feedback as well. All opinions on members posts are welcome. However if your criticisms gets out of hand a maintainer will step in, and you may be banned from posting in this community. We all know how boring a writing community is with no comments. That's why you are all here. So keep that in mind, and make this community different from most other writing communities out there. This idea only works if all of you make it work. I hope you all enjoy this community, and I truly look forward to all of your writings.