and i saaaw red.. (loseyourbreath) wrote in writer_feedback,
and i saaaw red..

unaltered soul

time changes with the wind
like your feelings change ever so silently
tell me when will these circles ever end
fire burning half inside of me
nobody knows why they just dont care
pretending to be a friend but never ever there
i really am starting to believe in the answers i obtain
my thoughts dont make sense of my feelings
the pieces just dont fit right in this degree
different names but the faces are all the same
everyone is familiar but a constant stranger
history only twists and turns
we repeat ourselves
what does anything really mean anymore
some believe nothing
do you even know what you believe anymore
somethings you just cannot believe
like it will never be accepted in your life
but why are we like this
is it in our blood
is it in our minds
why are we forced upon living the certain way
why do they look down upon me for living the way i want
no rules no laws no regulations
just me and the things i want to see
am i wrong for making my own path
add up the numbers and do the math
right and wrong are simply points of view
it all makes sense if you look inside you
the world slowly changes around me
while things slowly change inside me
instead of searching for the person you are
create yourself
live by your own rules
find your inner peace
one day someday i believe in world peace
but maybe just for today thats all out of reach
the new generations have a new world within them
new world order is about to begin
music is the truth
its the path to take
dont worry about conversations
or how much money you make
its all about you and the dreams you behold
dont become another part of their mold
dont let them convince you of what you have to do
the only thing you have to do
is simply just be you
fear is just an illusion
to blind you with subtle confusion
find your passion you already have yourself
you dont need anything else
they say thats the way things ought to be
keep that frame of mind
things ought to be however you want them to be
pain only means you have an open heart
doesnt have to always tear you apart
i wish for all to have free will
the old way of life must be killed
they dont like the freedom in my mind
cannot be sucha thing
as one of a kind
fuck what they say
i am what i am
they think people need to understand eachother
but i think people need to just accept eachother
we are not meant to be understood
we are only meant to love one another
too much confusion losing love to illusion
the answers will never be in your head
the answers will never be what someone else said
you gotta dig deep inside
thats where all the answers
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